Top classic actors quotes

About glamorous women by Clark Gable

An instant of life by Brigitte Bardot

Beware of snobbery by Cary Grant Emancipation of women by Grace Kelly

I am an actress by Vivien Leigh

I can live without money by Judy Garland

I don't believe in pessimism by Clint Eastwood I fell of my cloud by Elisabeth Taylor I had to overcome by Rock Hudson

I'd stop breathing by Ingrid Bergman

It isn't acting by James Dean

Love youself first by Lucille Ball

One rule in acting by Ava Gardner

Perseverence is failing by Julie Andrews

The actor's duty by Marlon Brando

The highest kite by Lauren Bacall

Tough times don't last by Gregory Peck

We are stars by Marilyn Monroe You don't move by Katharine Hepburn

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