Top famous writers quotes

Believing in yourself by Erica Jong

Develop a tick hide by Harper Lee

Don't write in my universe by George Martin

I owe my success by G. K. Chesterton

I rewrite it by Elmore Leonard

In the middle of the night by Saul Bellow

Laughing at your own joke by Scott Fitzgerald

My courage is reborn by Anne Frank

No tears, no surprise by Robert Frost

One word after another by Neil Gaiman

Protecting writing days by J.K. Rowling

Read a lot and write a lot by Stephen King

Read intensely by Ray Bradbury

Something will arise by Annie Dillard

Telling a story by James Patterson

The first sentence by Joyce Carol Oates

What am i trying to say by George Orwell

Write every day by Walter Mosley

Writing is more difficult by Thomas Mann

You are always surprised by John Steinbeck

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