Top Hollywood Ladies quotes

A kiss is a lovely trick by Ingrid Bergman

Attempt the impossible by Bette Davis

Do it big by Jayne Mansfield

Enemies are inevitable by Norma Shearer

I always look ahead by Gloria

I never say never by Grace Kelly

If you obey by Katharine Hepburn

In my dreams, I dance by Louise Brooks

Life is hard by Katharine Hepburn

Life is wonderful by Great Garbo

Love for the joy by Marlene Dietrich

Love is a fire by Joan Crawford

Love yourself first by Lucille Ball

Never blame yourself by Katharine Hepburn

No matter that by Marilyn Monroe

Nothing is impossible by Audrey Hepburn


Success is a great deodorant by Elisaberh Taylor

Taking joy in life by Rosalind Russell

Train your intuition by Ingrid Bergman

You kissed my soul by Judy Garland

Pour yourself a drink by Elisabeth Taylor

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